Creating the Perfect Entryway Bench

Decorate your entrance with an elegant bench and shelf set. This long-standing cubby bench easily has several adjustable slots for storing shoes and creates a relaxing seat for visitors. The sturdy wall unit also features convenient open shelves for storing the likes of hats and umbrellas. To make this storage set even more useful, you can add a complementary mirror, which could also be pulled out for use as a mirrored closet. You’ll be able to organize your home furnishings and create an entryway that’s a place where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of your favorite activities.

Choose your wood carefully. Cherry is a popular choice, as it exudes a warm, natural tone that is both appealing and comfortable to the eyes. It’s easy to maintain and keeps the natural color of the wood in top condition. Mahogany is another popular choice, providing a rich, darker hue that goes well with many different decorating schemes. Be careful about picking a mahogany color that may cause eye irritation if you have allergies.

Consider benches in a variety of styles. These home furnishings come in contemporary or country designs, giving you numerous choices when it comes to styling your home. Country-style benches are usually constructed from redwood, which is known for its durability and strength. However, redwood is prone to decay and is prone to splintering. If you want a piece that will endure the elements, consider investing in a solid, resistant, and long-lasting bench.

Don’t forget that an entryway bench is a functional part of your home. To that end, spend some time choosing a bench design that will work well with the size and shape of your entryway. There are benches that are built deep, providing ample room for items such as books and clothing. You can also choose a bench that is slimmer, allowing you to store small objects in its shallow front. Don’t forget to think about the height of your bench. It is best to place it between twelve and fifteen feet from the ground, although you can place it almost anywhere within your home.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for an entryway bench is the style. The type of wood used in construction, and the overall effect of the bench can help you create the look you want for your home. Wood is the most common choice for home furnishings, but if you would like a more unique look, consider purchasing a wrought iron bench or a teak bench.

Once you’ve decided on the style and material of your bench, choose a decorative plaque to go along with it. Plaques can be simple or ornate, depending on your taste. They can be placed on a flat surface to serve as a centerpiece, or they can stand alone to catch the attention of visitors as they enter your home. Your home decorating project doesn’t have to be boring!

When choosing plaques for your bench, take into consideration the theme of your home. You can use a plaque that matches the color of your walls, or you can let your creativity flow. For example, if your walls are in earth tones, choose a wood plaque that is painted a lovely sage green. Another idea for your home decorating project is to find other home furnishings that match the colors of your walls or even the cushions you have on your sofa. Plaques can really tie together the look of your home decorating project.

Once you’ve found the perfect entryway bench for your home, be sure to pick up some home decorating magazines to help you stay on track as you shop. You will find many beautiful options for your home. Don’t feel limited by the options available in your home, or by what you think looks best. Allow yourself to be adventurous and let your imagination take you where it will, inside or out.